Prostate cancer incidence world map

The prostate tumor has a high incidence and a long period of latency, both in its development and in the progression of the illness.  There are numerous risk factors known concerning the development of the prostate tumor, including age, geographic area and race.  In addition there are pre-cancer lesions that can be diagnosed and followed. The incidence is very high in North America, Northern Europe and Australia, and much lower in Asia.

680,000 men every year are diagnosed with a prostate tumor and 220,000 die as a result of prostate tumors. 

The risk factors are:

.  Age: the risk increases with age.  All men over 50 are exposed to greater risk of a tumor;
.  Family history: if a close relative had a tumor of the prostate, the risk can be greater;
.  Ethnic group: the prostate tumor is more common among Afro-Americans than or Asians or  Caucasians;
.  Diet: a diet rich in animal fats and poor in fruits, vegetable and fish, can increase the risk;