Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign
Malta 26th May / 1st June 2010

courtesy of the Times of Malta: interview with Prof. Mauro Dimitri, at the end of the
press conference, in front of the Ministry of Health

The Times of Malta - article

The Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate in collaboration with the World Foundation of Urology is raising awareness on prevention of prostate cancer during the week 26th May to Ist June. The main aim of this campaign is raise awareness about the cancer of the prostate, being the commonest cancer in males in Malta and to encourage prevention measures.

This information campaign will include a spot for television and posters. The main message in these mediums is to motivate men to take care of their health by:

* Visiting their doctor who will assess them and their risk
* Encourage a healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy diet and regular physical activity.

Prostate cancer is the commonest cancer in males in Malta. During 2003 to 2007 there were 692 new cases of prostate cancer registered with the Malta National Cancer Registry with an average annual incidence of 60.96/100,000 men which is higher than cancer of the lung in males (average annual incidence of 55.07/100,000 men).

Pictures ofthe press conference

The EU average incidence for cancer of prostate is 106.20/100,000 men whilst for lung cancer it is 71.80/100,000 men.
2007 data show the highest rate in the age group aged over 85 years (5.24/100,000) followed by 80 to 84 years (4.11/100,000) . The youngest reported case in 2007 was aged 50-54 years. The death rate for prostate cancer is not so high as other cancers for example lung cancer. In fact in 2008, there were 36 deaths from prostate cancer and 128 deaths from lung cancer in males. The standardised death rate for men from prostate cancer in men was 16.56/100,000 in 2008.

Health Minister Joe Cassar appealed to all men over 45 to have an annual check-up. Prostate cancer, he said, was a silent killer but it could be treated if caught early.

The minister announced that, as from today, family doctors could start ordering the test themselves.
Saint James Hospital is also collaborating in the initiative offering the blood test at €20, half the price.

The ring of Prostate Cancer Awareness